Monday, January 10, 2011

Community vs Family

I know that several people that read this blog will wonder why I refer to the whole LGBTQQIA "community" as family, so here is my response.

Why I don't believe that community works:

Community gives the sense of a united front, where we all work together for the betterment of everybody involved. I'm sorry, but that's not the case, there's still racist tendencies (predominately black/white/whatever clubs, having to have a "Black Pride" event, etc.), gay guys that don't like lesbians, a large segment don't seem to trust bi people, and a large segment don't seem to understand or even like transgendered people. Nobody can agree on what the best course of action is and we have to have an acronym so long you might as well say, "everyone who doesn't f- animals belongs to the group."Seriously, I mean, LGBTQQIA? It's like gay alphabet soup!

While I believe the term family does work:

Family seems much more appropriate as a term. Sure we bicker and don't like everyone else all the time, different groups have their own agenda, there's always those family members you don't want to associate with, etc. However, especially when times are tough, we all stick together and fend for one another and we put up with everyone else. Why is that? It's because when times get tough, we have common interests and it sure beats the heck out of going it alone. But, it's more than just an "I don't want to go it alone" mentality, though. I look at groups like Bridge Builders ( ) or any other group like that and my heart does go out to them, much more so than just merely being part of the same group would make me feel.

So, other people might use the term community; however, I prefer to use the term family, because albeit I might not like every LGBTQQIAer out there, I still love them all.

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